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Wheeler Dealer is now available on the app store but you can still play the web version here


Wheeler Dealer was created by David Rzepa for the Experimental Gameplay Project for their March 2012 Games Jam on 'Economy'. I chose to base this game around the logistics of economy rather than the more commonly explored mechanics of trade. It only took around 40 hours work in total. I would love to hear your thoughts on the game. Please contact me on Twitter @davidrzepa

The rules of Wheeler Dealer are fairly simple but there are some intricacies that the presentation of the game itself does not make clear, so here they are:


The 2D graphics, music, coding and game design were done by David Rzepa

The building models were taken from the 3D Warehouse in Google Sketchup. Thanks to Wraithwynd for the models.

All of the sound effects were taken from freesound. Huge thanks to the following contributors for saving so much of my time!